Jenny Bowman, Rev. Ph.D.



                   ~•~ICF MEMBER~•~

     (The International Coach Federation)

                    ~•~AATA MEMBER~•~

        (American Art Therapy Association)

As far back as I can remember, I recall having been a very highly sensitive person. As a small child, my mother told me that an usher asked her to take me out of the theater at age 2 during Bambi after the scene where the mother died. I was inconsolable. It goes back that far! I am adopted, so my parents really don't understand my interests and my abilities. There is no link to my environment, but rather my genetics. My biological mother was also gifted and talented AND an Empath like me as well. Fast forward several decades to when I was assaulted by a student in my teaching career... that ended it. I acquired PTSD from some traumatic incidents during childhood and my teenage years that caused Anxiety, Agoraphobia and Depression too, but this blow certainly was the icing on the cake, so to speak! I left teaching, eventually got married and did not know that my husband would ultimately be diagnosed with Asperger's. My marriage was horrible. Here I am...A TOTAL FEELER and he couldn't connect with his emotions when he tried! He was obsessed with the computer and spent all of his time on it. I admittedly would go to the circuit breaker box and shut down the electricity to the whole house just to get his attention... it was that bad. I figured since he was on his computer all the time, I would too. "If ya can't beat 'em, join 'em!" So, I spent my time earning my degrees! I got my Master's in Youthology (which was very popular on the West Coast and never made it to the East Coast.) I got my doctorates in Divinity and Metaphysics. I am a Certified Therapeutic Life Coach, Attuned Reiki II Practitioner and Animal Reiki and Massage Practitioner. I also have a degree from Udemy's Medicine of Sound. (I am NOT a doctor of medicine.) And, I'm an ordained Minister. It is my goal and mission in life to help heal and teach others how to heal themselves as well using a wide variety of healing modalities to overcome hardships of a wide range. I have been through the fire and back myself many to several times in my life too. Contact me today and we'll get started on sorting out your life and making it the best quality life it can be! 

I am a Christian woman, a practicing Buddhist that is SPIRITUAL and not RELIGIOUS. I believe in Jesus Christ AND I hug my backyard orange tree every morning when I go barefoot walking (Earthing.) I believe in The Holy Trinity and I also follow the teachings of Buddha, incorporated Wiccan, Hinduism, Rastafarianism, 'n such. It's that Divinity degree in me! I believe in Heaven and Reincarnation. I also believe (FOR THE MOST PART) that all we need to heal our bodies can be found in the grocery store and nature. I'm simply very open-minded.