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To READ MORE about each Service, click on "BOOK" then "MORE..." on the next page. Doing so will NOT book you. It will simply allow you to expand the text. 

 I WILL work with your budget and payment is due at the time of each session. I accept Cash, Check (payable to Jenny Bowman), Paypal, and Square.  

*Please note: Unfortunately, insurance companies do not cover Spiritual Counseling or Life Coaching sessions.

PLEASE ARRIVE ON TIME  to your scheduled session AND have already filled out and submitted my Intake Forms listed in the menu under FORMS.

Confidentiality: All information discussed in each session is confidential with three exceptions: (1) when a client poses a danger to themselves or others, (2) when requested by a court of law, or (3) for purposes of professional supervision (in which case, your name and identifying information will not be used). 

Please be advised that disclosure of child abuse or suicide attempts must be reported by law.

Cancellation Policy: All cancellations require a 24-hour advance notification. Ten minutes grace into the appointment. After the ten minutes there is not enough time for a session.  Client is responsible for full fee for missed or late session. Clients who are within the ten-minute grace period will be seen for the remainder of the 30-minute session, not to extend past the allotted time.